How To Wash Your Traditional Japanese Clothing

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The traditional way of cleaning a kimono was to undo all the stitching and lay out the pieces on a wooden board.

The pieces were then carefully washed and dried and then hand-sewn back together. Nowadays it is far more practical to have your kimono dry cleaned.

Traditional Japanese articles of clothing (kimono, haori, obi etc.) are very delicate and should NEVER be machine washed but only dry cleaned. If you try machine washing them, then you will almost certainly ruin them. Yukata and other items of cotton can be machine washed.

To keep our prices low, we do not clean the items of clothing that we sell. We don't smoke and we keep our stock very clean and tidy but there is always a possibility that it has been in contact with smokers in Japan. All the clothing we sell has usually been treated with the typical Japanese anti-moth substances before being shipped to us, therefore it must be dry cleaned before wearing.

We receive our stock monthly from Japan and as these goods travel in boxes in large containers, they need to be freshened up.