Chinese hanging scroll 177cm: mountains & house


Made in China

Imported from Japan


Authentic vintage Chinese hanging scroll. Painted in China but imported from Japan. The poem is in Japanese and it's dedicated to Nakajima (which is a Japanese surname). We therefore guess that this hanging scroll was bought in China by a Japanese person who, when back to Japan, wrote a Japanese poem on it.
Made in China and imported from Japan.

Silk paper.

Used, vintage condition: considerable water damage, a bit of foxing and obviously it has yellowed with age as it must be at least 50 years old. The lower tube, used for weighing down the scroll, is missing an end knob. All our kakejiku are genuine vintage so will have holes, scratches, foxing, stains and odours in varying degrees. Some are in a very good condition and some are really old so please study all the photos carefully so that you can decide if the item is in a good enough condition for you.
Please note: we do our very best to take photos that show the true colours of the items we sell but colours will always vary slightly from one computer to another.

177cm x 53cm
Weight of the hanging scroll: 350gr