New black Nagoya obi for women


Brand new

For women


Made in Japan

Black Nagoya obi for women.
Made in and imported from Japan.


This obi is made in Japan and new, therefore it has some tacking keeping it closed. As we wish to sell this item brand new and as it is, we are leaving the tacking in place. We have therefore not been able to measure this obi. If you are purchasing it, then we are sure that you know, more or less, the measurements as they are all similar. We are assuming that this particular obi is similar in size to all the other Nagoya obi.
Please note: we do our very best to take photos that show the true colours of the items we sell but colours will always vary slightly from one computer to another.

An EXAMPLE of other Nagoya obi measurements:
The widest end is 30cm wide and 110cm long.
The thinner end is 15cm wide and 250cm long.
Weight of this particular obi: 555gr