M, junior high school jacket for girls, with badges



For girls

Junion High School


Made in Japan

Authentic Japanese school girl uniform blue junior high school winter jacket with name badge and class/school badges. Please note: this is not a complete uniform, just the jacket which is an authentic one made in Japan and used by Japanese school girls, not a cheap reproduction. We have many items of Japanese school clothing: jackets, skirts, tops, shoes, trousers etc. Please click on "School Uniforms" to the left of the screen and you will be able to find all the items necessary to make a complete school uniform.
There are two enamelled school badges on a small piece of green material, that are pinned to the jacket. These two badges, class and school badge, were found in a pocket and can be attached anywhere on the jacket. Fixed to the jacket, above the badges, is a plastic badge with the girl's name and the name of the school.
The student's name is Midori Saito and the school is the Kaminoyamashiritsukita Junior High School.
Made in and imported from Japan.

Wool and polyester.

Used, good condition except for a couple of faint marks on the front and on the sleeves. It definitely needs to be dry cleaned. Please check photos for item description and condition.
Please note: we do our very best to take photos that show the true colours of the items we sell but colours will always vary slightly from one computer to another.

From armpit to armpit: 49cm - 19.2"
Waist (from left to right): 49cm - 19.2"
Bottom hem: 54cm - 21.2"
Front length: 62cm - 24.4"
From shoulder to shoulder: 40cm - 15.7"
Back length: 60cm - 23.6"
Sleeve length: 51cm - 20"
Weight of the jacket: 465gr