M, blue hakama for women


Brand new

For women


153-160 height

100% wool

Made in Japan

Navy blue hakama skirt for women, made in and imported from Japan.
This is an authentic Japanese item, very good quality and very well made.
Women's hakama for use with kimono differ from men's in various ways. Women exclusively wear the undivided andon-bakama style of hakama. Women's hakama usually lack the stiff koshi-ita characteristic of men's hakama, and often the toggle as well.
Women typically tie their hakama considerably higher than men. The method of tying also differs, with women using looser and more decorative knots.They are usually worn at graduation ceremonies but can be used for cosplay too.

100% wool, very good quality.

Brand new unused item, dead stock. We strongly recommend having it dry cleaned before wearing it as it has been kept unused for quite some time. Please check photos for item description and condition.
Please note: we do our very best to take photos that show the true colours of the items we sell but colours will always vary slightly from one computer to another.

Japan M-L size, EU M size.
For a woman who is 153-160cm tall.
Length: 93cm
Waist: front 31cm and back 30cm.
Waist range: 65-85cm
Weight of the hakama: 880gr