S, yukata for men



Made in Japan

For men

Small & Short!

Authentic Japanese summer yukata for men, made in and imported from Japan. White and blue.


Used, poor condition as there are several stains. We have already washed this yukata and the stains didn't come off. Please check photos for item description and condition.
On obi belt is not included.
Please note: we do our very best to take photos that show the true colours of the items we sell but colours will always vary slightly from one computer to another.

A (Total length): 128cm/50.3" approx.
B (Width from cuff to cuff): 118cm/46.4" approx.
C (Side seam to side seam across back): 55cm/21.6" approx.
D (Sleeve width): 40cm/15.7" approx.
Weight of the yukata: 415gr

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