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Happy Customers

I bought three cotton kimonos. I was greatly impressed by the efficiency of the service and love the items. Thank you very much.

Liz (UK)

For people who are looking for AUTHENTIC Japanese items, especially for hard (and very hard) to find ones - this place is the final stop. I was looking for a school uniform, searched all sites I could think of and found thousands of Chinese "Japanese" ones. Then I came across this place. When you get the item from here and see the quality of it, the condition, even the way they pack and ship it you will recognize the true Japanese excellence. Every time you put it on, you are happy you bought it. I found the prices to be very reasonable as well. I had multiple purchases made from them and find it the best. They also will help you figure out what you are looking for if you are not sure. You are not just a customer there - they REALLY care. One of those places that you want to come back to again and again. The only better thing would be to go to Japan.

Ilona Brost (Pennsylvania, USA)

Have made 2 purchases, in each case goods were as described, extremely well packaged and arrived swiftly. Great service. Well done . Thank you M.M.

M.M. (UK)

I ordered 4m fabric and a lovely yukata and they arrived promptly, well packaged and in excellent condition. The images on the website were an accurate representation of the products and the colours are so vibrant and beautiful on both the yukata and the fabric. I am very pleased with my purchase and thank Someya Shop for a lovely service.

Rachael (UK)

What a wonderful resource! I'm in love with vintage Japanese clothing, some of which can be rare and very hard to find, but Someya Shop always has a wonderful selection, and for very reasonable prices too. Please keep up the great job... I really appreciate it! Highly recommended.

Kelley (Connecticut,USA)

I have bought 5 gakuran jackets and 2 trousers from this business and I am very happy with them and with quick postage and in great packaging, I was very pleased with my purchases. Thank you very much Someya!

Jack (UK)

Bought an Obi and it is perfect, matched up with the photos, was wonderfully packaged and the quality is amazing. Obi was very reasonably priced, and shipping was fast. This is a wonderful store and I would very highly recommend this store to anyone looking for Japanese items.

Aaron (UK)

This is my favourite Japanese shop in the UK hands down. Not only has it got such a range of items (something for everyone, even those that want for nothing), many that are difficult to get hold of abroad, but also the quality, the knowledge that comes with it is amazing. The owners, Vivien and Kenji, are wonderful! Super helpful, they really go the extra mile and then some. All round genuine and wonderful people. Another outstanding selling point is that the items, are so reasonably priced. The quality is incredible. Even the well loved vintage items have so much more time left in them and are very well looked after, always packed carefully and beautifully. When you order clothing it comes very beautifully folded with a little bit of information, just to remind you how to wash it correctly to make sure you get the best out of your purchase. The listings clearly have a lot of care and time put in, making sure you have so many photos and honest information so that you know exactly what you are getting, which isn't always the case with other online shops. Not to mention that all traditional clothing is labelled correctly, instead of calling…

Maria (UK)